Shame on Kmart!


We all know that there is a war on the family taking place in the United States. Unlike the mythical war on women, this is a battle that is real. It is one that, over the past several decades, has had a devastating effect on the American family, children in particular.

One often overlooked aspect in all of this is how big business lends a hand in the destruction of the family unit as well.

I don’t have to tell you that as we approach the month of December countless efforts will be undertaken to make sure that Christ is completely removed from Christmas.

Moreover, I don’t have to tell you that America’s devotion to materialism will be on full display too. Millions of shoppers across the country will, like they do every year, wake up at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving and brave the cold weather. Not to attend mass or go to adoration, mind you. But to stand in line for hours on end so they can get a measly 15% off the latest shoot ‘em up video game for their teenage son.

Now, I don’t know exactly when “Black Friday” started, but I’m pretty sure Satan was awfully happy when he heard about it.

I’m also rather confident that he was excited to hear that Kmart is going to open its doors ON THANKSGIVING DAY at 6am this year. Yes, you heard right. 6am. Thanksgiving morning.

I can already see the commercials: Don’t like spending time with your family during the holidays? Spend it with us! Come be an accomplice to robbing our employees of the chance to enjoy Thanksgiving with their own families. Hate sharing a meal with your aunts, uncles and cousins? Share in the joy of buying cheap plastic toys and supporting a corporation that tells its “associates,” most of whom we don’t even pay enough to support a family, that they do not deserve to be at home with their spouse and children!

What a disgusting decision. I wonder if any executives at Kmart will be working at 6am. Chances are, probably not. If you want to support a company that has no regard for the family unit, so be it. I for one will not be giving Kmart one cent this Christmas season.



  • Paul H.

    Such a silly article. Why aren’t you blaming Obama, while you’re at it? Every other article seems to…

  • Chris

    No offense but from one Catholic to another, you need to quite playing the matyr. So what if they are open on Thanksgiving? It’s not a Christian holiday and it sure doesn’t contribute to the erosion of our family values. Pick and choose your fights with more tact. You don’t like modern consumerism? Neither do I. But to connect K Marts hours on Thanksgiving as a new front on the war against the family unit is absurd and it’s demonstrates a bunker mentality – something we are called as Catholics to be AGAINST.

  • cathy

    It was only a matter of time. Last year a number of retailers opened at some point on Thanksgiving day, later on the day. So they have to get the jump on everyone else by opening earlier. Pretty soon all stores will open on the holiday. No respect for the family. That’s the sad and. twisted culture we live in now.

  • Debbie

    For 33 years I have worked almost every holiday including Thanksgiving. Most company’s will ask for volunteers. Usually the pay is better. Retail is a different world. It’s because they know there are people that will shop holidays and don’t give a hoot who has to work them. Things will never change…get over it

  • http://facebook Sherrie Ann Hills

    We are supposed to be spending the day giving thanks to the Lord. And maybe documenting and reading reflections on what the Lord has done throughout the year. Not shopping. I’d rather have the flu than disrespect the Lord. I almost took a job at Macy’s, So glad the Lord directed me elsewhere. I would have had to quit.

  • Rob Tisinai

    So are you saying that K-Mart should make the decision for its customers to spend time with their families? Surely that’s not K-Mart’s responsibility, nor would I want to give a retailer that kind of authority.



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