Shock Stat: Abortion Has Caused 300K Breast Cancer Deaths Since Roe

Pro-abortion feminists often say that abortion has saved countless lives. Putting aside for a moment the fact that abortion always takes the life of an innocent little baby, a new study reveals how many lives of mothers abortion has taken:

A leading breast cancer researcher says abortion has caused at least 300,000 cases of breast cancer causing a woman’s death since the Supreme Court allowed virtually unlimited abortion in its 1973 case.

With tens of millions of abortions since the high court’s decision and research confirming abortion increases the risk of contracting breast cancer, undoubtedly a large number of breast cancer cases, caused by abortion, have occurred over the last 38 years. [LifeNews]

My question to the pro-abortion feminists is … was it worth it?



  • April

    The link between abortion and breast cancer has been repeatedly refuted. Prolifers need better arguments.

  • Romulus

    The 300K number is a bit hokey IMHO.

    The evidence linking second-hand tobacco smoke to cancer is vastly more sketchy, but that doesn’t prevent people from taking it seriously to the point of pursuing legal protections from unwanted exposure to it.

  • worm

    OK, so the article calculates a number ASSUMING the connection. As Mrs. Libby points out, it would be more useful to have pointers to information that suggests the connection in the first place.

  • GW why do I need 3 letters or more?

    The 300K number is a bit hokey IMHO. It’s more like a back-of-the-envelope calculation that builds a case for performing an in-depth study to determine what the actual number is.

  • Adam Slide

    Lori, if you look at the LifeNews article ( it explains how they came up with 300,000. It looks like it came from an estimate and not a formal study.

    “If we take the overall risk of breast cancer among women to be about 10% (not counting abortion), and raise it by 30%, we get 13% lifetime risk,” Brind explains. Using the 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade figure, we get 1.5 million excess cases of breast cancer. At an average mortality of 20% since 1973, that would mean that legal abortion has resulted in some 300,000 additional deaths due to breast cancer since Roe v. Wade.”

  • Lori Libby

    Is there more information on this news article. If I pass this on to people I know who are Pro-Choice, they are going to want to know where the info. came from. ie. Who was the leading cancer researcher who conducted the study? When did the study commence and end? Was the data used collected from women who have died from breast cancer since 1973, when Roe v. Wade passed?

    I think it’s wonderful to pass on this info. which is helpful to educate the public that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, but you have to give more info. about where you are getting your info. If we can’t validate it, how can we pass it on as credible?
    Could you add whatever info. you have about this article as well, please?

    Mrs. Lori Libby



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