Silent as the Grave — Why so President Obama?

Could you speak out against what is happening in this photo, Mr. President? Why so silent?

In the wake of some of the most horrifying anti-Christian violence the world has seen in the last few years, President Obama remains inexcusably mute. He and his administration are proving themselves to be deaf to the cries of Christians suffering. Among the many countries where Christians have sadly fallen to attacks are in China, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Iraq, Sudan and Indonesia.

Regarding this persecution, I have yet to hear, read or see on the news any statement from President Obama denouncing the violence of religious persecution. We only hear strong condemnations from the outside.

“Massacres are taking place for no reason and without any justification against Christians. It is only because they are Christians. What is happening to Christians is a genocide.” – Former Lebanese President Amine Gemayal.

”We cannot accept and thereby facilitate what looks more and more like a particularly perverse program of religious cleansing in the Middle East.”  — French President Nicholas Sarkozy

“The most recent developments [i.e., deadly Islamist attacks against Egyptian Christians in May 2011] fill us with dread. …The aim of the Islamists is to stoke up hatred and violence.” – Former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, June 27, 2011.

Further evidence is found at Reuters, the National Catholic Register (Jan. 29-Feb. 11, 2011), and the Voice of America which posted the following story January 17th, 2012

A high-ranking Chinese official in the Vatican has called on Beijing to release nine arrested Catholic bishops and priests, saying their continued detention damages China’s international image.

Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-fai, secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, made his remarks in an interview published Tuesday by the Rome-based AsiaNews agency.

Hon urged the public to pray for the detained bishops and priests, and also to appeal for their release. He said if the nine priests have done something wrong, they should be tried in court, not sent to prison or isolation.

The Catholic News Service says eight of the arrested clergy are members of the so-called “underground” or clandestine Catholic community that is not sanctioned by the Chinese government.

The Vatican has had tense relations with communist China, which requires that Catholic priests register with the government. China does not allow the pope to appoint its archbishops and cardinals, which is contrary to the Church’s tenets.

Amnesty International has also reported on the harsh repression of the Catholic Church in China, mentioning that an elderly Bishop Han Dingxiang served 19 years in a Chinese labor camp. Bishop Han has recently died, and his remains were burned and hidden.

So what does get attention? Take a look at the official President Obama website.

Hate Crimes Prevention Act  — Obama signed … Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law. The Act allows the Department of Justice to prosecute crimes motivated by a person’s actual or perceived gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

I have yet to learn of this type of sensitivity shown to countless Christians who have been slaughtered throughout the world. So despite the thousands who have been harassed, imprisoned and some who were killed for being Christian, the President remains silent as the grave. His disregard of Christian suffering is becoming all too characteristic of his Presidency. Meanwhile, the spirited defense of an increasingly protected minority, as shown in the Pres. Obama website, is all too typical.

The latest slap in the face dealt to Catholics is the HHS mandate. With such flagrant violation of religious freedom, is it any wonder that there is an increasing fractious relationship between religious and secular groups in this country?

But the liberal left–in politics and media with all its anti-Christian mockery–is playing a very dangerous game indeed. They are schooling an entire generation in complete indifference towards religious liberty. Our society is becoming quite comfortable with ‘sandbagging the Christian’ on comedies, late-nite and TV dramas. This invariably leads towards a disregard for our freedoms in the political sphere. It also leads to a disregard for those suffering deadly violence abroad. Sadly it also lowers the individual worth for everyone by placing arbitrary value on a person for what is in vogue at the time– intrinsic human value is thus compromised. 

Finally, I will end with this thought: here they want us to forsake our faith through legislation while other countries are doing it with a noose and bullets. If it is as they say, the past is the prologue of the future, then watch and pray. Speak out, Mr. President, against Christian persecution. We are shocked by your silence.


Jennifer Roche has authored many articles for secular and Catholic publications including the National Catholic Register, Inside Catholic, the Catholic Herald (London, UK) and written a travelogue on the Maltese Islands called Cat Tails from Malta. She has also contributed to GodSpy, Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) college guide, MeloMag art magazine and Absolute Arts. She welcomes your comments!


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