Skeptics, liberals not skeptical about misogyny. KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

It’s almost as though my friend Emily had read this article by Rebecca Watson in which she chronicles some of the truly awful treatment she has endured within the rationalist/skeptic/atheist community on account of her being a woman.

But after a few years of blogging, podcasting, and speaking at skeptics’ conferences, I began to get emails from strangers who detailed their sexual fantasies about me. I was occasionally grabbed and groped without consent at events. And then I made the grave mistake of responding to a fellow skeptic’s YouTube video in which he stated that male circumcision was just as harmful as female genital mutilation (FGM). I replied to say that while I personally am opposed to any non-medical genital mutilation, FGM is often much, much more damaging than male circumcision.

The response from male atheists was overwhelming. This is one example:

“honestly, and i mean HONESTLY.. you deserve to be raped and tortured and killed. swear id laugh if i could”

I started checking out the social media profiles of the people sending me these messages, and learned that they were often adults who were active in the skeptic and atheist communities. They were reading the same blogs as I was and attending the same events. These were “my people,” and they were the worst.

It gets worse from there, with a cameo by Richard Dawkins. It’s an unflattering cameo of Dawkins, but when someone is as uncareful and irresponsible a thinker as Dawkins it doesn’t really surprise.

So Emily’s article the other day, “Women, Know your limits,” named after the Harry Enfield sketch she embeds, showed up as a nice, well, not riposte, per se, because Emily and Ms. Watson are quite simpatico on the question of whether or not women are capable of rational thought, but it was a nice follow-up.

A great passage from Emily’s piece:

Try as I might to stop it, my mind continues to wander to a halcyon future when liberal politicians acknowledge that women own small businesses, have investments, and worry about pesky things like job creation, debt, and runaway entitlement spending.

In that future, they also recognize that women are rational creatures, with thoughts on war and peace, education and energy policy, trial lawyers and unions. In other words, they recognize that there’s a veritable laundry list of issues we consider more important than government-sponsored birth control.

Heck, since we’re dreaming, let’s just go for it and imagine a day where all politicians show some real concern for women’s health by pledging to put some of those government research dollars to work studying the many links between birth control and cancer.

Baseline minimum, I’m hoping for a future where presidents of the United States don’t think it’s anything other than nauseating to equate the act of voting with losing one’s virginity…where fathers of two young girls don’t have campaign ads mocking abstinence…and where those entrusted with safeguarding the Constitution realize that women might—just might—be more worried about the government violating the First Amendment and depriving Christians of their right to live their beliefs than they are about seeing Big Bird lose his government paycheck.

Emily’s closer, and Ms. Watson could have gone this route also, is that the people they are writing about have a view not unlike that expressed in this Harry Enfield sketch:



  • CV at its best

    CV must be so filled with the trash of lies and hate, that the bloggers have take to recylcing it.
    1) nothing new from Emily posted.
    2) Emily’s post was not good.
    3) this is just plain bad

  • leogirl87

    The problem is that many people in the atheistic/skeptic community believe we are nothing more than highly evolved animals, so in their minds there is nothing wrong with groping a female, threatening to rape her, etc., because animals do what animals do.

    Also, what is with all these women voting based on birth control? Women have brains and should use them to vote, not their reproductive organs. Very insulting to women.

    How about focus on job creation so that women can afford to buy their own birth control if they so choose, rather than creating a cycle of government dependency among women.

    • Leogirls problem

      Leogirl – no one thinks you are a highly evolved anything.
      Your grasp of womens issues is …….scary? wierd? wrong? unneeded?

  • PLAGIARISM again!

    Well, it’s not like CatholicVote hadn’t engaged in plagiarism before. I’m sure Emily just lifted her article and failed to give credit to the original author.

  • Laura M

    Oh yes, the “I hope you get raped” is a favorite amongst pro-choicers, liberals, atheists, etc.

    • Consceince Awakening

      WOW – Laura. Is there room for compassion in your heart, or are you just into breeding hatred?
      That was a very needless comment. You really should apologize. That may take some effort from the Conscience you have buried. Wake it up and recognize just what you are saying.

      • Joe M

        Hah. You had a hard time responding to that comment without making it clear that you’re a pro-choice, liberal atheist.

  • abadilla

    Well Tom, Lady Godiva’s words are just the beginning of trash thrown at you and don’t expect these trolls to ever deal with the issues you presented in your post. The idea is to “react” not to “read,” and then comes the hurricane of insults and personal attacks. Just being prophetic. It’s easy to do at CV.

    • Tom Crowe

      The benefit being no one wants to read the comments, so no one does, so the trolls’ comments don’t actually affect anyone.

      • abadilla

        Tom, I must disagree and I rarely disagree with any moderator. We “do” read the comments and for quite a while now it is so disheartening to read so much garbage, one is tempted not to come back and support CV. I know CV is doing a great job in informing Catholics but it makes it very hard to come into a Catholic site to read so much garbage and to know the moderators are doing little about it, if I am to judge by the amount of trolls freely attacking CV, the Catholic Church, and those of us who dare to disagree with them.
        I’m not saying I expect every single Catholic to come in and agree with the Catholic faith or with CV’s opinions, but I do expect a modicum of respect for our beliefs, the bishops and the Pope. One thing is to vehemently disagree, another is to try to confuse Catholics with so much misinformation.
        Some people are thick-skinned and can put up with a lot of insults, some are not and they just leave instead of contributing to CV with their comments and their financial support. Frankly, I would think moderators would care more about CV’s supporters than trolls who come in here to attack CV, its moderators, and the Church. Just below my post there is a troll attacking CV by accusing it of plagiarism and trashing Emily. Why do you and others put up with such nonsense?

        • Trolls ROck

          1) Tom is not a moderator, he is a blogger. He “write” his “opinion” He does not need specialization or expertise, just a keyboard.
          2) You and he can lick earch others wounds and tell each other how wonderful you both think Tom is, it does not make his position valid or even worthwhile.
          3) CV is the vehicle, and you will find more and more people finding it disgusting, with only the few obsessives who think they are defenders of CV – it is fairly comical.
          4) the real question is why would anyone defend this nonsense. And why put your efforts on supporting this project of hate?

          • abadilla

            Wrong. Tom is one of the moderators and he does more than type, he does research before he writes which is more that can be said about you.
            I’m not licking any wounds, soon you might.
            If CV is disgusting to you, I ask what I have asked often, why are you here?
            I don’t see CV as a “project of hate” I see CV as educating Catholics on the need to understand better and inform Catholics on the next election. That you think CV is here to be a “project of hate” says much more about you than about CV.

          • Politics not Catholicism

            How can you defend this as Catholic? Is your soul dead? Is your mind alert?
            You can believe in their politics of hate, but do not try to defend it as Catholic.

          • Joe M

            Based on the comments, my impression is that CV has found more people supporting it. Especially as the elections near.

            Did you mean to say that CV will find one person posting with more and more nicknames, hoping to trick people into thinking that a lot of people disagree? In that case, yes, by now most here are familiar with your willingness to use fraudulent identities. The actual irony and comedy here is that you do this and call others obsessive. Good one!

        • mark casebier

          Don’t despair. Satan’s mouthpiece is the Trolls. Reading their comments, I see the face of evil through them. CV must be doing something right to provoke such vitriol from Satan’s followers. I don’t bother to respond to them, but everytime you do, abadilla, you splash a little Holy Water on them! I can hear the sizzle.

          • abadilla

            Thank you so much. It isn’t despair, its the realization one can’t be joyful about the faith even in a Catholic website because trolls have been given permission to walk in here and spew their venom all over the place, and frankly, I would like to discuss ideas, not have to defend against snakes and minions of Satan all day long.
            Mara can be a pain, but I’m still able to have a dialogue with her. Bartolomé and I don’t agree, but we can still have a dialogue, but the trolls are out of control so I’m gone till CV does something about it.

          • Wrong Website

            Catholic Website? What is Catholic about a Tom Crowe blog. He is a website administrator at a third rate university that is catholic in name but not action. Tom does not even get to that level.
            If he is your teacher, it is no wonder that you are in such error.

          • Grand Inquisitioner

            Funny. Real funny.
            Someone really wants to defend this website, and they actually try to accuse the faithful of being Satan. Next they will be calling to burn the intelligent at the stake. Let not our minds be open, else wie see where the true evil lurks.

      • No One Reads

        There is no Benefit to your blogs. Just hatred sticthed together with lies. Luckily no one bases much on your opinion anyway.

        • Joe M

          Your actions betray that you don’t believe this comment.

    • Poor lil Tom

      I think we all want to sit down and cry with you two as you lament the loss of power in this blogsite.
      or actually we don’t. Who cares?

      • abadilla

        Funny, but I never thought I had any power on CV at all! Where you come up with these absurd ideas, is beyond me.

        • Whatcha Dont Know

          No one has thought of you as powerful, it is the CV power over your small mindedness. All the have to do is spell Catholic, and you are ready to beleive it. You are one of the last. Even other bloggers have left. Though some instructed to by their bishops.

  • Lady Godiva

    Ah, you’re just jealous that the Democrats have more women in congress than Republicans. Why is it you guys seem to get such a kick posting videos like the two above? Very unflattering to women in both cases. Insane women and Stepford wives. Can’t you even conceive (some pun intended) of more complimentary depictions of women? Hmmmm.

    • Tom Crowe

      Ha! thanks for making my point exactly. I don’t give a rip what gender anyone is in Congress, so long as the best person is elected in each district. Male, female, black, white, Asian, whatever.

      • Ripped Crowe

        You actually had a point.
        If this was it, then you could have just posted the middle sentence and let it go.
        Nothing earth shaking, nothing important,
        I would think that most people “don’t give a rip” about what you may “give a rip” or not about.
        HA? – does that mean she sprang your clever trap?

    • Tom Crowe

      And yes: I do get a kick out of posting videos that show the ridiculousness of shallowness like yours.

      • What if Grandma saw this?

        Was this a zinger? Did you just score some point that we all missed? Or are you just trying to be “cute”?
        Did this make you proud?



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