So does that make them the “Death Eating Cult of Barack Obama”?

Friend of mine just suggested this, but it kind of makes sense. If we’re the “Jesus eating cult of Rick Santorum,” since Jesus is the Life, is it a fair assessment to call our opponents in this struggle the “Death eating cult of Barack Obama”?

Just wondering what’s acceptable here.

The new Obama 2012 logo?



  • true believer

    Seems more like adding to the darkness.

    Amidst all your laughter, did you notice that Rick Santorum lost both the Michigan and Arizona primaries?

    • Tom Crowe

      true believer— Amidst your smugness did you notice that I did not endorse him?

      • true believer

        Did you notice that you’re writing for a .org that endorses him? Now that IS funny!

  • Douglas

    Why stoop to the level of the HuffPo? Is this the future of this site? If so, then I’m am deeply disappointed.

    • Tom Crowe

      Oh, get a sense of humor… I’m making light of their idiocy.

      • Jim

        Idiocy or not, this kind of post is undignified and should be beneath any who seek to engage in a serious cultural dialogue. Would Christ rise to provocateurs and respond with such juvenile ad hominem histrionics?

  • Molly

    I think the words of our Lord are our true guide. “Bless those who curse you and pray for those who insult you.” Luke 6:28



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