So where do you think this year’s World Youth Day is located?

At World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002, Pope John Paul II established Cologne, Germany as the location of the next World Youth Day.



And lo and behold, a German is elected to the papacy. The crowd? They loved him.



Huge crowds also welcomed Pope Benedict XVI in Sydney 2008…


…and the World Youth Day in Madrid 2011.

Pope Benedict XVI in Madrid

It was in Madrid where Pope Benedict XVI announced the location of the next World Youth Day celebration:


That’s right, the next World Youth Day will be in South America.

The event will be held July 23-28 in Rio de Janiero, which is about a three-hour flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina — where Pope Francis was archbishop.

Hope you booked your hotel already…


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3 thoughts on “So where do you think this year’s World Youth Day is located?

  1. Wagner Moura says:

    Joshua, lets say that Papa Francisco (Pope Francis) is a MIRACLE. Ask a brazilian why… Its easy! He is the first humble argentine ever. =D

  2. Santiago says:

    Funny that God would have it that WYD be held in the country who is the sworn enemy of Argentina… jajjajaja

    1. Joshua Mercer says:

      Are they sworn enemies, or just rivals?

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