So you were considering polygamy, eh?…

They look innocent enough, but in the hands of irate in-laws, look out!

…if you don’t like getting beaten by your wives’ relatives with shoes, you may want to re-think that. Or, if you cannot help yourself, stop at two wives: at least then there are fewer relatives to beat you with shoes.

Just a helpful suggestion.



4 thoughts on “So you were considering polygamy, eh?…

  1. Panda Rosa says:

    Of course, there is the Ultimate Penalty for polygamy, two or more Mothers-in-Law!

  2. Greg Smith says:

    Tom- Superficially, from the man’s point of view polygamy looks pretty good. And I imagine in Biblical times and even today with these Morman renegades up in the hills that’s thae case. In modern urban America, however I don’t, at least men, think it would work out. Consider:
    Q: Where will we live?
    A: Sisterhood is powerful.
    Q: Where will the kids go to school?
    A: Sisterhood is powerful.
    Q: What kind of car sg hpould we buy?
    A:Sisterhood is powerful.
    Q What brand of toothpaste should we buy?
    A:Sisterhood is powerful.
    Q: Which one of you will I have sexual relations with tonight?
    A:Sisterhood is powerful.
    Q: I’m tired. Can we skip sex for tonight?
    A:Sisterhood is powerful.

    1. Panda Rosa says:

      A rather interesting argument in favor of polygamy, at least to the more determined feminist breed of woman. (not me, by the by)

  3. Micha Elyi says:

    More females are ‘married’ to the U.S. government than to any other polygynist. Please, in-laws, commence the beatings!

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