Holy Song for Thanksgiving

Since we are close to Thanksgiving Day, here is a my version of a Holy Song of Thanksgiving. I wrote this little poem today. The title is borrowed from my favorite Beethoven string quartet in A minor, No. 15. (The third movement to be precise called Heiliger Dankgesang or as known in English Holy Song of Thanksgiving by a Convalescent to the Divinity). Beethoven composed this piece after recovering from an illness.

After reading about how some schools have already eliminated penmanship from their curriculum as well as scaling back on basic writing instruction, I wanted to upload my own handwritten version of the Thanksgiving Day poem. Some are even making cursive writing obsolete. In the U.S., Indiana is the latest school to drop handwriting requirements. Officials there say that there “isn’t enough time to teach both handwriting and basic typing skills.”

The cultural shift of handwriting to typing is not just a phenomenon of the West. One study found that Chinese youth are increasingly having difficulty with writing various characters by hand. Further, according to the same study, 69% of respondents claimed that they have not received handwritten notes or letters in more than a year.


Jennifer Roche has authored many articles for secular and Catholic publications including the National Catholic Register, Inside Catholic, Crisis Magazine, the Catholic Herald (London, UK) and written a travelogue on the Maltese Islands called Cat Tails from Malta. She has also contributed to GodSpy, Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) college guide, MeloMag art magazine, Absolute Arts, and the Henry Koerner Review Catalogue. She welcomes your comments!


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  • Anna Roche

    I am still having a hard time believing that schools are no longer teaching penmanship. It’s crazy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful hand written poem.



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