Sorry, Cardinal Dolan, but your chances at the papacy are better.


One of Cardinal Dolan’s lines about his chances of being elected has been, “I have a better chance of taking A-Rod’s place as third baseman for the Yankees,” like at the end of his appearance on NBC’s Today Show back on February 28. Except that it’s not true.

Granted, it’s just a line meant to indicate an indefinite but great amount, like “not just seven times, but seventy-times-seven times;” and granted it looks like the hot corner in Yankee stadium will be A-Rod-less until late July…  But Cardinal Dolan would not be one of the 115 finalists to bridge the gap.

But for pope?….   Well, he is one of the 115 finalists, and apparently in the top half (if not more rarified air) of *likely* candidates.

I’m not saying I think it’s going to be him. I have no clue whatsoever who will be elected, nor do I have a number one preferred guy. I just wanted to point out that the Cardinal was very wrong on that one.

Besides, when was the last time a cardinal from St. Louis played third for the Yankees?


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