Spiritually Flattening, Irritatingly Ambivalent, and Drool-inducing

I’m pretty sure that if the music that Pope Benedict was subjected to in Germany were a moral agent, Christ would spew it from his mouth at the last judgment.

(This is the opening of the Berlin Papal Mass from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.)

Seriously. At least most of the bad music we’ve had in the past 40 years had a definite direction, took a stand (if heretical), was offensively committed to drums and other banal instruments, etc., but at least it took a side! This stuff doesn’t uplift, tear down, evoke silly voices or jokes, focus attention, or demand anything of the listener but numbness. It’s the audio equivalent of a tranquilizer dart.

The only redeeming part of the video is the money shot at the end when Benedict looks off to the side after sitting down, as though he’s looking to see who it is he needs to excommunicate for spiritually and emotionally anesthetizing the congregation.

I’ll bet there are times he wishes he could do that force lightning thing…



  • cheese*queen

    Yes, you have to wonder why the music liturgist chose New Age elevator music as appropriate to the Pontifical Mass.

  • sparch

    The music goes hand in hand with stark and banal setting that they mass looks to be conducted in. What is spirtual uplifting and provoking about any of the atmoshere other than our beloved pope. I guess it gives Benedict contrast required to see what is important in the church, the Eucharist and the clergy. God Bless our Pope!

    • Glenn Thomson

      Go have Mass in the Basilica(s) of Rome. I’m sure the music is always perfect!?

      Oh well sounds like music is not important in the Celebration of the Eucharist!

      As for the clergy. God bless them. Especially is South Australia at the moment.

      I’ll shake the dust from my feet on this particular musical subject!

    • Glenn Thomson

      Hmmm very interesting. stark and banal. Maybe there was an absence of light there too. Dunno wasn’t there. Haven’t seen this particular Celebration of the Eucharist.
      Maybe I’m stark raving mad;).



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