St. John Fisher, Model of Courage

We’ve been remarking on the coincidence of the battle over marriage in New York reaching its crescendo today on the Feast of St. Thomas More.  But lest we forget, June 22 also marks the feast of Saint John Fisher.

Here via Prof. Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice is a moving clip of Fisher’s execution from the Showtime series The Tudors, a program I admittedly never watched since I don’t have Showtime.  I heard the series was fairly engaging, apart from the graphic portrayal of Henry’s sexual appetite.

St. John Fisher, pray for us.



  • Ryan Haber

    If only I loved God and his Church more. If only I loved the Church as the English martyrs did, our nation would be transformed.

    God grant me, I pray, a tender affection for Holy Mother and for you, my Heavenly Father. Amen.

  • Winston Elliott III

    Would there be a St. Thomas More without St. John Fisher? If more Catholic Bishops were like Fisher more Catholic politicians would be like St. Thomas More. For more on St. John Fisher see:

    Thank you for posting this clip. I agree that, excluding the excessive sexually explicit segments, this series was worth watching. I especially appreciated the portrayal of the rebellion of the Catholics of Northern England against the King. It was clear that he was ripping them from the Church for selfish reasons and that they loved the Church. They would not accept the loss of the spiritual riches of the Church even though they it pitted them against a King that they loved. Like More & Fisher, they loved God and his Church more. If only more American Catholics loved the Church as the English martyrs did our nation would be transformed.



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