Who really cares about women and children?

We’re 11 days out from the March for Life 2011, and videos have surfaced showing some extraordinarily anti-life activity by Planned Parenthood peeps. As a counterexample of who really cares about women and children in the battle over abortion I thought I’d share the playlist of short videos about Franciscan University’s experience of the March; 9 of them I shot on my iPhone while there with Franciscan University, then uploaded over a pint at the Dubliner.



4 thoughts on “Who really cares about women and children?

  1. Tena Crosby says:

    My kids sure do…they just started an organization dedicated to the memory of those on RMS Titanic. It is at http://www.TitanicHeroes.com

    One of those great heroes was Father Thomas Byles who put women and children on lifeboats and prayed with those remaining with him.

  2. Panda Rosa says:

    Who cares about women and children? Only the brave men who died on the RMS Titanic, that’s who.
    Look it up, the record’s there.
    May they ever be vigilant on behalf of those unborn.

    1. Tena Crosby says:

      Look at http://www.TitanicHeroes.com
      I think you will be impressed with what 2 young people are doing on this topic!

  3. Greg Smith says:

    It’s wonderful that these young people have coffee house fundraisers for the local pregnancy center. Now how about the bishops chiming in with a national second collection for pregnancy centers, Birthright etc.

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