Suing Sebelius

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

We just sued Kathleen Sebelius.

Yesterday, we filed a new federal lawsuit against HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Labor Secretary Solis — those government officials responsible for enforcing the new HHS mandate.

Our lawsuit was filed in St. Louis, Missouri on behalf of Frank O’Brien and his corporation — and is the first legal challenge to be brought against the new HHS mandate on behalf of a private business.

Mr. O’Brien employs 87 people, and has dedicated his manufacturing business to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He is a faithful Catholic and objects to the government forcing him and his company to pay for medicines and procedures he believes are immoral.

Religious freedom for all! Not just the few.

What you may not realize is that this attack on our religious liberty is even worse than you may have first thought.

Many people of faith have been lulled into thinking that as long as we can convince the Obama Administration to exempt religious groups from the new mandate, then everything would be ok, right?


Religious freedom is explicitly protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution. It is not a right that government bestows, or can take away. It is our First Freedom — and it applies to everyone – individuals, churches, schools, hospitals, and yes, even private businesses.

But President Obama and Secretary Sebelius want to change everything.

President Obama does not believe religious freedom is a foundational freedom for every American. His HHS mandate, for example, seeks to define what groups are religious enough and which groups are not. The mandate invents arbitrary rules (do you primarily serve people of your own faith, etc.), while claiming that businesses like Mr. O’Brien’s deserve no protection whatsoever!

Since when did religious freedom become a privilege the government bestows on the few groups they deem are religious enough?

Our bishops have made this point better than anyone. They have explained that the HHS mandate is both an assault on religious institutions and an assault on the civil rights of every American.

We’ll keep you informed as this new lawsuit gets underway.

We’re fighting back in Congress.

We’re preparing to fight back at the ballot box.

And now we’re taking the fight to the courts.

Not just for Catholics.

For everyone.



  • Rose Marie Arnold

    It seems there are several so called Catholics in Congress that should be excommunicated…how about Pelosi?


  • Mark

    May St. Joseph watch over your endeavors with paternal love and may the glorious ever-Virgin Mary show you unto truth.

  • Matt Pajor

    What ever happened to excommunication? If a person directly attacks the church and its teachings and facilitates the further sinning and anti-church sentiment and movement, that person shouldn’t be able to call themselves part of the very organization they are willing to attack.

  • theoaf

    thank you. about time someone acknowledged that this impacts religious freedom of individuals also, not just organizations. we should not have to pay for that coverage in our own indiviual policies available to purchase if it is against our religion / concsience either.

  • Heidi

    Awesome! From the wife of a NFP-only doc who operates a Catholic business (Catholic in name, mission, and practice!) but isn’t “religious enough” for this mandate, THANK YOU!



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