"Iraq and Abortion Issues Loom As 10 Republican Candidates Prepare to Meet in Second Debate" – AP

Associated Press: Iraq and abortion loom large as 10 Republican presidential candidates debate a second time Tuesday. On one issue – the four-year-old war – the GOP field is largely in sync, backing President Bush in opposing Democratic calls for beginning a withdrawal of U.S. forces. But the candidates are split on social issues, most notably a women’s right to terminate a preg... More

Giuliani digs in his heals and makes his play

Washington Post staff writers: Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani yesterday sought to quell a growing controversy over abortion that has disrupted his presidential campaign. Restating his support for abortion rights, he asked Republican voters to look beyond that issue to the totality of his platform and record. Giuliani called abortion “morally wrong” but said he nonetheless f... More

Rudy Giuliani lost his last chance with me today

Listening to Laura Ingram briefly this morning I heard the opening of an interview she had with Rudy Giuliani. He simply would not answer the question why he has supported pro-abortion positions, not to mention given money six times to Planned Parenthood, while still attempting to claim that he opposes it personally. He refused to answer the question, I believe, because he knows his position is se... More

Repealing Roe v. Wade would be "OK" says Giuliani

Ouch. Is this the most Giuliani could muster? To Sam Brownback, it would be “a glorious day,” and to Tom Tancredo the “greatest day in this country’s history.” For Rudolph Giuliani, repeal of the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion “would be OK.” Republican presidential hopefuls, at their first debate on Thursday, were asked if repeal of the Roe v. ... More

Brownback and Dodd square-off at Boston College

Dom had the drop on this and the Associated Press has some tepid coverage. Of course, the story here is that Dodd (left) and Brownback (right) are both Catholics, with Brownback being orthodox and practicing while Dodd is marginal at best. The AP tossed out a red herring about the fact that both men “used modest tones to suggest that Democrats and Republicans could bridge such gaps with more... More



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