Battleground State Watch: Virginia

Virginia is must-win territory for Mitt Romney in November Virginia was never considered a battleground state in presidential politics prior to 2008. Virginia was a reliable Republican bastion, even giving Bob Dole a narrow win over Bill Clinton in the latter’s 1996 re-election bid, and handing George W. Bush comfortable margins in the 8-9 point range the next two elections. But Barack Obama cha... More

Battleground State Watch: Colorado

Can Mitt Romney reverse the Rocky Mountain High that Barack Obama enjoyed in 2008? The state of Colorado may only have nine electoral votes, but those nine votes can be crucial as we come down the stretch of the 2012 presidential election. This is a state, like Nevada, which we discussed last week, where President Obama won in 2008, is a narrow favorite to win again this year, but presents possib... More

Obama Spends Big But Loses Ground

Obama spent big on his campaig in the last month, but his polling went the wrong direction. On a weekend where the baseball world watched the low-budget Oakland A’s & Toronto Blue Jays deliver series sweeps over the lavishly funded New York Yankees and the well-heeled Boston Red Sox respectively, maybe it’s appropriate that the president of the United States also found out that money per ... More

Presidential Candidates Ratchet Up Empty Rhetoric On China

China and other foreign creditors own a rising share of U.S. debt China has become a bipartisan target over the last couple weeks on the presidential campaign trail. Both President Obama and Candidate Romney have ratcheted up the rhetoric in vowing to get tough on the Middle Kingdom. But while there’s plenty of good reasons for such a policy, neither the president nor the challenger, have put fo... More



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