Battleground State Watch: Wisconsin

With Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan to be his vice-presidential candidate last weekend, the Republican ticket has ratcheted up the importance of Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin. The Badger State has only gone for the Republican candidate three times in the last ten elections and in each of those three (1972, 1980, 1984), the GOP won at least 44 states nationwide. Now the question is wheth... More

President Obama Is Committed To An Extremist Agenda

Is President Obama running for re-election just to hold onto political power? That’s the belief of Mitt Romney, as expressed in a CBS interview on Wednesday morning. It’s alluring to think of the opposition candidate as having no other motive than to keep the trappings of office, and I can only say I wish I believed it too. I think Obama wants more than power for its own sake. I believe this i... More

Decline In Partisan Identification Presents Opportunity For The Church

The left-leaning website Politico reports that partisan identification continues to decline across the United States—not just in terms of what people tell pollsters, but in the concrete terms of party registration. And the decline is not created equal—reporter Charles Mahtesian notes that Democrats are losing numbers in significantly greater degree than Republicans. What’s to be made of all ... More

Analyzing Obama’s Business Remarks At Ronoake

Barack Obama's remarks about business owners stirred up a tempest this past week. The president of the United States took out after business owners earlier this week—at least owners who don’t share his particular political agenda. In a speech at Roanoke that’s now been widely disseminated and already dissected here at Catholic Vote by Tom Crowe, Barack Obama provided his own version of ... More



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