Battleground State Watch: Colorado

Can Mitt Romney reverse the Rocky Mountain High that Barack Obama enjoyed in 2008? The state of Colorado may only have nine electoral votes, but those nine votes can be crucial as we come down the stretch of the 2012 presidential election. This is a state, like Nevada, which we discussed last week, where President Obama won in 2008, is a narrow favorite to win again this year, but presents possib... More

Presidential Battleground State Watch: Nevada

The Las Vegas Strip might not be the best place to push a socially conservative cultural agenda. I’ve been watching political analysis and punditry since I was a high school freshman and Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale in a 49-state-landslide back in 1984 and if there’s one thing that becomes apparent in listening to political analysis is that the advice of a pundit—or even a paid strateg... More

Electoral College Math: Why The Election Is Romney’s To Lose

If the presidential election were held today, all the polls indicate that President Obama would win re-election, albeit not by much. But of course the election isn’t being held today and there are 11 states classified as “toss-ups” on the Electoral College Map. And even if you concede the president 221 electoral votes in the other 39, that still leaves 49 electoral votes to go. And the road ... More

Why Obama is in Danger of Losing the Catholic Vote in 2012

In an op-ed for The Hill, John Feehery nails Obama’s Catholic Problem: The Obama administration is treading on dangerous water here. Catholics don’t vote as a straight bloc, but winning the Catholic vote is critical to winning elections. Catholics also don’t necessarily all agree on every issue. There are plenty of pro-choice Catholic voters, just as there are orthodox Catholics who agre... More



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