After Hobby Lobby, What Next?

If you believe the liberal media, the Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. is the most sweeping and revolutionary case since Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. Of course they’re right, but not for the reasons they suppose. Nothing has changed, but then everything has changed. In the particulars, this was a very narrow ruling, but the legal landscape has been transfo... More

Obama’s Stuck On Blue-State Defense In The Final Week

It is impossible to deny, by any objective measurement that the re-election of campaign of President Obama is running in reverse. There is no polling data that suggests he’s recovered the momentum he lost after the first debate in Denver. The polling averages of RealClearPolitics, as reliable a barometer as any, since it meshes everyone’s data has consistently showing Mitt Romney with a slight... More

The U.S. Bishops to Biden: “This is not a fact.”

In the courtroom, you are asked to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In politics, our elected officials stick to a different standard. No one is really surprised by this. A politician describes the country’s current situation and their own views in the best possible light. They put a silver lining on all bad news. They oversell their own plan as the only real way to ... More

Obama vs. Romney — The choice is clear

UPDATE: Download this Candidate Comparison as a printable flyer in Black & White,  Color, or in Spanish. The Research team has pored through the public statements and positions of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on issues which matter to Catholics. We believe the choice is clear: Catholics should vote for Mitt Romney for President. We have life, marriage and religious libe... More

Joe Biden, the Bible, and federal budgets

Ever since Barack Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination back in 2008, there’s been talk of making Hillary Clinton his Vice President. The combination of an African American and a woman on the same ticket would not only confirm that the Democratic Party is the party of progress, it would provide Hillary Clinton a launching pad for the White House in 2016. Now that Democrats have had th... More

Battleground State Watch: Wisconsin

With Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan to be his vice-presidential candidate last weekend, the Republican ticket has ratcheted up the importance of Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin. The Badger State has only gone for the Republican candidate three times in the last ten elections and in each of those three (1972, 1980, 1984), the GOP won at least 44 states nationwide. Now the question is wheth... More

Catholics for Romney-Ryan!

Mitt Romney made his choice. Today we are making ours. is proud to announce that we are enthusiastically endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 presidential race! The decision to endorse Romney for President was made after Governor Romney announced Saturday that he had selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Congressman Ryan is a superb choice. He i... More

Does The President Really Make A Big Difference In The Economy?

Does the president really impact the billions of daily transactions that make up an economy? The state of the economy is the big issue in the 2012 presidential election, as it is in every presidential race. But is this really logical? An “economy”, after all, is not a set of policies promulgated by the government. It’s the collective result of literally billions of transactions every day. H... More

Obama Spends Big But Loses Ground

Obama spent big on his campaig in the last month, but his polling went the wrong direction. On a weekend where the baseball world watched the low-budget Oakland A’s & Toronto Blue Jays deliver series sweeps over the lavishly funded New York Yankees and the well-heeled Boston Red Sox respectively, maybe it’s appropriate that the president of the United States also found out that money per ... More



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