I Can See China from Iowa

Pia, when I was writing this, I was afraid our vice president might do something over in China to make it even timelier. But I was hoping I would be wrong! I feel safe in saying that Michigan Republican Thad McCotter, who is Catholic, will not be the next president of the United States, but after hearing him talk about China during the recent Ames Straw Poll, I am grateful for his candidacy. He sp... More

Required Reading: Public Discourse’s Symposium on the 2012 Election

Public Discourse is a flagship of conservative thought which features some of the top Catholic intellectuals of our day. So I’m happy to see its editor Ryan Anderson announce their symposium to prepare for the 2012 election — “Liberty, Justice, and the Common Good: Political Principles for 2012 and Beyond: Today, Public Discourse launches a ten-day symposium on “Liberty, Justi... More

It’s Not All War

Josh, I think “exerted our influence” can be more — or less than, rather — war. It can be support for dissidents. It can be a cultural exchange. It can be helping with rebuilding. It can be educational. Santorum’s shtick — arguably what contributed to his reelection defeat in 2006 — is that we are not taking the radical Islamic threat seriously enough. It’s a serio... More


Video: Rick Santorum’s Surprisingly Funny (and Pro-Big-Family) Ad

I skipped over this when I saw it first … I’m glad I decided to actually watch it: A Fox News blogger explains it just right: Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he’s got the courage to do the impossible and that’s the reason Republicans should pick him to run against President Obama in 2012. “The Courage to Fight for America” is his campaign slogan, but ... More

Video: Rick Santorum’s Beautiful Answer to a Tough Abortion Question in Last Night’s GOP Debate

Last night candidates for the Republican presidential nomination squared-off in Iowa. Watch former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum’s answer to a tough question on abortion in cases of rape … and listen to the positive reaction from the audience to his comments: Here’s a transcript I jotted down: Question: You would allow no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. Polls have ... More

An Iowa Surprise?

Bill Bennett, who will be travelling with Texas governor Rick Perry tomorrow before he officially jumps in the race for the Republican nomination for president, writes: Rick Santorum needs a big finish in Ames. Judging from a recent hourlong interview with him at the editorial board of the Des Moines Register, it is clear he is very well-versed in every aspect of policy — from foreign to do... More


Mitch Daniels is NOT running for President in 2012

From the Indy Star, comes a statement from Mitch Daniels last night: Over the last year and a half, a large and diverse group of people have suggested to me an idea that I never otherwise would have considered, that I run for President. I’ve asked for time to think it over carefully, but these good people have been very patient and I owe them an answer. The answer is that I will not be a candida... More


Daniels Continues to Intrigue

Mitch Daniels has royally peeved a whole lot of social conservatives by calling, at different times and in different ways, for a “truce” between liberals and conservatives on social issues so that we can do the hard work of getting our fiscal house in order. His logic isn’t totally without merit: if the country implodes under the weight of its own debt it doesn’t matter muc... More

Poll shows support for Chris Christie

Gallup polled Republican voters with the names of 12 different people thought to considering a presidential run in 2012. The poll includes the names you would suspect. Mitt Romney (unfortunately) leads the pack with 19%, followed by Sarah Palin at 16, Mike Huckabee at 12, and Newt Gingrich at 9 percent. Ron Paul got 5th place, ahead of both Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Minnesota Gov. Tim Paw... More




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