“If we are not active, and doing something to get rid of [abortion], then we are complicit in it.”

photo: Franciscan University It was a stirring night in Finnegan Fieldhouse when Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director-turned-pro-life activist, shared her story. Before I share the video playlist, just a point of reflection. Abby said: “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was look at my parents, and tell them that I took the lives of two of their grandchildren.... More

Life and Nihilism: A Tableau of Recent Headlines

Let’s weave a tapestry of rather significant recent goings-on in life issues and see where it takes us… 1) An End-Run at Death Panels Loops Back. At the start of January the White House took end-of-life counseling out of new Medicare rules, after it was re-included, after it was explicitly removed from Obamacare. In and of itself end-of-life planning isn’t a bad thing, but when t... More



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