Paging Cardinal Mahony: Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Keith Cardinal O’Brien, archbishop since 1985 of Edinburg and St. Andrews, Scotland, had his resignation accepted by Pope Benedict XVI effective yesterday, weeks before his 75th birthday. What’s more, O’Brien has recused himself from the upcoming conclave. It appears that credible accusations have been made against O’Brien concerning inappropriate advances toward seminarian... More

Father Fugee has a desk job. Would you rather he be free to roam?

There was no small amount of consternation yesterday when the Newark Archdiocese announced that Father Michael Fugee has been appointed to co-diretor of the Office of Continuing Education and Ongoing Formation of Priests. The new appointment, effective late last year, shows “breathtaking arrogance” and “an alarming disdain for common sense” by Archbishop John J. Myers, said Anne Barrett ... More

Catholic Church Persecutes Youth-Attracted Priests

The late Father John Geoghan, murdered in prison after being convicted for loving many youths, now a cause celebre for the adult-youth love movement NOWHERESTOWN CITY—The Catholic Diocese of Nowherestown City has placed three more priests on administrative leave and begun “defrocking” proceedings against them. Two of the priests were discovered in bed with their boy lovers and ... More

Are all football coaches perverts?

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky (left) is accused of sexually abusing a minor. Head coach Joe Paterno (right) did not call the police, but did the legal minimum by reporting the accusation to his superiors. The law required his superiors to report any accusation to the police, but they didn't. If a mom sees an college athletic director at an airport, should she shield her son’s ey... More


Wait, What?… A pedophilia *advocate* was a consultant for *whom*? Must. Not. Explode.

The headline, I am not making this up, is: Former consultant to US bishops keynotes conference pushing for acceptance of pedophilia And it only gets worse from there. (Note: I use the term “pedophilia” collectively to include all disorders that causes an adult to sexually desire youth. Or, as the people described below call them, “Minor Attracted Individuals.”) Sometimes a ... More

Maureen Dowd on Archbishop Dolan & My Dad: “Vintage Deja Vu Dowd”

Yesterday, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd went after Archbishop Dolan’s efforts to protect marriage in New York — and also snuck in a drive-by sniping of my father’s recent comments about (Catholic) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s manifest concubinage, just for good measure. Governor Cuomo is for gay marriage, so you can guess who Dowd is writing to protect and abe... More

One Thing Is Clear: The Church Is & Has Been Trying to Fix This.

A five-year study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice was just released and it has all kinds of insights into the patters of priests who abused minors. It gets into the psychological profiles that could be known, the percentage of what sorts of men did commit atrocities against minors and what percentage of those sorts did not. I’ll not get too deep into its particulars, leaving that... More


Archbishop Dolan’s Airport Encounter

A moving story from Archbishop Dolan: It was only the third time it had happened to me in my nearly thirty-five happy years as a priest, all three times over the last nine-and-a-half years. Other priests tell me it has happened to them a lot more. Three is enough.  Each time has left me so shaken I was near nausea. It happened last Friday . . . I had just arrived at the Denver Airport, there to... More


Graffiti artist attacks St Peter’s Basilica using lasers

What a stupid stunt: A Banksy-style street artist caused outrage in Italy when he projected graffiti onto the Pope’s St Peter’s Basilica dome saying: “Wash Me.” Artist Iginio De Luca says he staged the stunt as a protest against the paedophile sex scandal that has engulfed the Catholic church. The graffiti- saying Lava Mi in Italian – was lit up for more than an ho... More

AmP book review: Double Standard

Double Standard: Abuse Scandals and the Attack on the Catholic Church is essential reading for anyone who wants to hear the other side of the clergy sexual abuse scandal. The side the media hasn’t told you, and side most of the public doesn’t know. David Pierre, the author, runs and blogs for (a resource I often use when critiquing media bias). His re... More



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