ACLU: Promoting the Rape of Boys is Protected; Living According to the Catholic Faith is Not

Constitution? What Constitution? Turns out the ACLU is not an impartial observer and defender of civil rights. They are, rather, in the business of deciding *what* are basic civil rights and what are *not* basic civil rights, precedent and clear language of the Constitution be damned. For instance, the right to spread information about how to get away with seducing and raping boys is protected spe... More


Whither the ACLU? Or are we worse than NAMBLA?

When the North American Man-Boy Love Association was in legal trouble in Massachusetts the American Civil Liberties Union came to their aid, assisting in their defense in court, and playing a key role in getting the case against that reprehensible organization dismissed. Concerning that action, in the FAQs on their Web site the ACLU says, The ACLU of Massachusetts’ represented members of NAM... More


Disappointing: Hawaii Senate ends prayer after ACLU lawsuit

The last official opening day prayer, Jan. 19, 2011. Why is the ACLU so successful? Because people capitulate so easily to their threats. The ACLU wins so many battles without breaking a sweat. A citizen complained to the Hawaii Attorney General’s office that prayers given by invited speakers before the Hawaii Senate often referenced Jesus Christ. The Attorney General advised the Hawaii Sena... More



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