Show some Christmas love to Newtown.

I will make bold to share a note that I happened upon on Facebook this morning. In full disclosure, I was in seminary for one year with Father Luke Suarez, parochial vicar at St. Rose of Lima parish in Newtown, Connecticut. He is one of the gentlest and most generous souls I’ve known. As I remarked on Facebook when I saw the below picture, I had never seen him without a smile on his face and... More

We’re not even in Advent yet, folks. Prepare to Prepare ye the way of the Lord.

Not to be a wag, but until Saturday evening it’s still Ordinary Time, folks. Why am I already receiving “Christmas Season” fundraising emails, from Catholic organizations, no less? Okay, fine, play Christmas music on the radio and gussy up the shopping centers. The shopping centers are just about the epitome of secularism, while a lot of the music is the secular variety anyhow: Â... More


Photos: Pope Lights World’s Largest Christmas “Tree”, Shares His Three Christmas Wishes

Last week Pope Benedict, from his papal apartment at the Vatican, used an iPad to remotely “light” the largest Christmas tree in the world. The electric “tree” is located on the hillside of the Italian town of Gubbio: He also shared his three Christmas wishes: “Before lighting the tree”, he said, “I would like to express three wishes. This Christmas tree... More

Open the gates before him; lift up your voices!

How did we get this far into Advent without posting this old gem from “the pope of basic cable“?… Is he in a school classroom with the desks cleared away? Are those mom-khakis? Whatever the case, I love the frenzied, ridiculous look on his face at the beginning. Reminds me of so many too-happy cantors who love to perform or emote the music at Mass with their faces and arms from... More

There’s Still Time To Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

If you’re like me, you were a little confused when you saw candy canes for sale at the same time as the Halloween treats this year. Traditionalists have long marked the start of the Christmas season not so much by the Advent calendar but by that day-after feeling of eating Thanksgiving leftovers, watching football, or shopping Black Friday. But aggressive marketing and a weakened economy ha... More


Cool idea: Share a photo of your Advent wreath!

Does your Catholic home follow the Advent wreath tradition? I saw this idea on Twitter via CatholicMeme and wanted to make more people aware of it. It’s simple: 1. Take a picture of your advent wreath (here is Danielle Bean’s): 2. Use a free online service like TwitPic to upload your photo to a Twitter account. 3. Add the tag #adventpic in your photo-tweet so other people can see the ... More



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