David Gibson Shills for the White House During Obamacare Mandate Negotiations

I know that CV blogger Stephen White and George Weigel have already talked about this topic, but I want to focus more directly on the embarrassing lack of journalistic integrity David Gibson and the Religion News Service just displayed. His latest article for them is nothing more than pro-Obama propaganda. Quite simply: exactly how does David Gibson qualify as a reporter any more? And why exac... More

Every Single Bishop Has Condemned the Obama/HHS Mandate! (181)

From Portland, Maine to San Diego, California– From Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington– Every single Roman Catholic bishop in the United States has condemned in public the Obamacare HHS mandate — all 181 bishops who lead dioceses in the U.S. have spoken. This is a simply incredible, unified, universal Catholic witness on this critical issue of religious freedom. (To those wond... More

[Updated w/ Video] My Thoughts on HHS Hearing + Statement By Rep. Buerkle

This morning I attended the Congressional oversight committee’s hearing on the Department of Health and Human Service’s decision to pass-over the US Bishops Conference and award a grant to help victims of human trafficking to other, less-qualified organizations that consent to doing referrals for abortions, sterilization and contraception. Before I get to summarizing my experiences, I ... More

In Fight Between HHS & Bishops, Let’s Remember Who Has the Most to Lose: Sexually Exploited Young Women

Probably the best person to discuss the ongoing dispute between the USCCB, Kathleen Sebelius of HHS, and the Obama administration is Steven Wagner. He was the director of the Human Trafficking Program at Health and Human Services from 2003-2006, and was the architect of the original program to aid victims of human trafficking administered by the USCCB. Wagner rightly points out that Kathleen Seb... More

Daniel in the Lions’ Den: Progressives Come After Catholic Religious Liberty

Step out of your skin for a moment and imagine yourself to be a radical pro-abortion advocate. A pro-contraception zealot. A pro-embryonic stem cell research, pro-sterilization, pro-in vitro fertilization, pro-sexual liberationist activist. … what’s standing in your way? The GOP? Yes, but they’re awfully hard to take out. There’s lots of them holding elected offices across ... More

Pope to US Bishops: “Don’t Lose Your Public Voice”

The bishops of New York (including, presumably, Abp. Timothy Dolan) were in Rome this weekend for their ad limina visit with the pope. They represent the second of fifteen U.S. groups (of bishops) who will visit with the pope in the coming months. Here’s what the pope told the bishops of New York: “Despite attempts to still the Church’s voice in the public square, many people of good wi... More

Updated: Illinois Bishops to Meet with Gov. Pat Quinn in One Month

Recently the Illinois bishops, led by Francis Cardinal George, sent a letter to Gov. Quinn after he agreed to appear at a fundraiser and give out an award for the largest pro-abortion political group in the state – Personal PAC. Unsurprisingly, Personal PAC was influential in helping get Gov. Quinn elected in the first place. The bishops also used their letter as an opportunity to re-stat... More

Breaking: 27 Senators Demand HHS Explain Denial of Grant to US Bishops

I’ve been trying to watch the live-feed of the public sessions and press conferences of the U.S. Bishops meeting in Baltimore today, where religious liberty issues have frequently come up. Today witnessed another important development in Washington, DC: Senators Rubio and Ayotte Twenty-seven U.S. senators requested information on how the Department of Health and Human Services graded appli... More

The Kicanas Conundrum

On the whole, it has been a good couple of years for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Leading up to the election of President Obama, many bishops, on their own authority, issued letters to Catholics in their diocese, helping them to form a Catholic conscience when voting. After President Obama was invited to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame, over 80 bishops issued state... More



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