Video: Andrew Sullivan claims Jesus was “incredibly hostile” to family

As you know, I attended the “Catholic Family Conversation” hosted by the catholyc group “Catholics For Equality” at Georgetown University last week, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. After promising that the event would be streamed live on the internet, they later said video would be uploaded as soon as the event concluded. Now, almost a week later, there is st... More

Exclusive: Full Version of “Embarrassing” Guidance Notes for UK Papal Events

I wrote yesterday that I thought Catholic commentators were unfairly piling on to the UK Papal Visit Team after the British Tabloids went after them for publishing an “embarrassing” glossary which, they claimed, demeaned the Mass. My radar went up because I thought to myself, “since when are the British tabloids so concerned about the Mass being treated with reverence?” In... More

Bishop Mengeling diagnosed with bladder cancer

From the Jackson Citizen Patriot. After surgery last Thursday that removed half his bladder [story]: Bishop Carl F. Mengeling of the Lansing Catholic Diocese has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He will have surgery Tuesday afternoon in a Lansing hospital to remove his bladder, followed by six to eight weeks of recuperation and recovery. “We know people have his best interests at heart, ... More

Carl Mengeling, Bishop of Lansing, undergoes emergency surgery

Heard through the grapevine today, but confirmed in the Lansing State Journal: Bishop Carl Mengeling was hospitalized Thursday for bladder surgery. The 76-year-old leader of the 10-county, 250,000-member Catholic Diocese of Lansing has canceled public appearances for the next two months or so, said Michael Diebold, director of communications for the diocese. Diebold said surgeons were able to remo... More

Exclusive: new interim president for Ohio Dominican U.

A source at Ohio Dominican University sent me this message: “Hopefully this is an answer to much prayer and fasting done by us here at my school. Our former president recently resigned, after making such moves as having Joan Chittister speak at commencement last year. [It’s true, he did.] Needless to say, we’re happy he is gone. This is the only Catholic college in the Columbus... More

Ubi vadis Fr. Michael Beers?

This important clarification was sent to me recently regarding the reassignment of Fr. Michael Beers, currently the Dean of Ave Maria University’s Pre-Theologate: Dear Fellow Bloggers: Earlier today, Naples reported that Bishop Robert Carlson was starting a new seminary in Bay City, Mi. He certainly is not doing this and asked me to say so on the ” Saginaw Seminarians Blog.... More



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