Action: Join my CA bus tour to defeat Barbara Boxer. 42 stops in 10 days!

Next Monday I’m going on a 10-day field trip which will take me over 2,500 miles across California, all for the purpose of defeating Barbara Boxer and encouraging Latinos to “vote their values” (pro-life, pro-marriage, etc) at the ballot box. This is a long post so I’ve divided it into two sections: 1) Why I oppose Barbara Boxer, and support Carly Fiorina -AND- 2) Informa... More

Fair (Dallas, TX) Travel Warning

I will be in Dallas, TX this weekend (from the 18th-23rd) if anyone in the area wants to meet up/show me around/buy me a pint. I’ll be visiting several friends who are in graduate and undergraduate degree programs at the University of Dallas. Blogging will probably be lighter but not quite non-existent during those dates. Anyway – feel free to drop me a line! ...READ MORE... More



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