I Just Don't Know Anymore

Well life as usual is falling apart at some seams but coming together at others. So I feel things are finally getting better with us and then she reads a text wrong and curses at me saying bye cause of it. I just hate not talking on the phone or in person bacause stupid s*** like this happens by typing things.Aside from that i’ve been working 8 hours with another 3 on top of it at the Bangor... More


Safely returned

I made it home safely this evening. Hopefully after work tomorrow I’ll catch a few hours later in the afternoon to assemble some posts. Being out of town since last Friday, I am also behind on my email correspondence so I’ll be seeing to that as well. Thanks for the patience (and new blogads – do check them out!). ...READ MORE... More


Catholic News Highlights, May 22nd

Catholic News Highlights: CNS: Many young people find their college years strengthen their faith CWNews: US bishops answer Democrats on abortion and Communion // Pope’s letter to China due for Pentecost release? CNA: Law Center defends Catholic teaching on homosexual adoption // Pope appoints new Archbishop for Ottawa // Pro-abortion politicians honored at Catholic university Zenit: People ... More

Long and Tiring

Hola Amiga’s!! Hope everyone had a splendid weekend because I got to do nothing at all. I worked up at the Bangor house Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a total of 23 hours haha and got basically no sleep at all. Then to make things worse I want to the Bank yesterday for money to get breakfast and came to find my checking card was gone. Here I left it in the ATM the night before lol so Now ... More


Catholic News Highlights, May 19th

Catholic News Highlights: Zenit: Vatican Aide Asks: Are You Corrupting Youth? // Media Education a Must for Youth, Says Vatican CWNews: Britain may allow hybrid human-animal embryos // Motu proprio imminent, Vatican prelate confirms // Lay group protests Jesuit-school honors for Pelosi // Greenpeace building new “ark” on Mount Ararat CNA: Catholic website allegedly shut down by Muslim... More

Guest PPOTD, Saturday, May 19th

“Yes, yes, now I remember you – Macharski, isn’t it? The one giving the ‘rock on’ sign over at American Papist. Right-o, old chap!” – Thanks to Tim Ferguson for the contribution! Nancy Holm also reminds me that tomorrow (Sunday the 20th) Cardinal Macharksi turns 80! [photo credit: Agencja Gazeta] ...READ MORE... More




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