St. Luke’s in Maryland Becomes First Episcopal Parish to Join Catholic Church!

This joyful news from a couple days ago received such a strong response from AmP’s Facebook and Twitter social networks that I just had to share it with the rest of the AmP community: A Maryland Episcopal parish will be the first in the United States to join the Roman Catholic Church under a new streamlined conversion process created by Pope Benedict XVI, leaders of both church groups said M... More


Half of Anglican Parish Follows “Amazed” Vicar into Catholic Church this Lent

What an inspiring story for Lent! A VICAR and half his congregation are leaving their church to become Catholics. Father Christopher Pearson of St Agnes’s CofE Church in Kennington is leading a group of around 45 people into a new haven created by the Vatican for Anglican traditionalists. He and his flock joined parishioners at St Wilfrid’s RC Church in Lorrimore Road for Ash Wednesday Mass ... More


The Pope’s Christmas present to England

Via the BBC (and some alert AmP readers): Pope Benedict has recorded a Christmas message especially for the UK, to be broadcast by the BBC on Christmas Eve. It will go out as the Thought For The Day on the Today programme on Radio 4. It is the first time that Pope Benedict has addressed a Christmas message especially for one of the countries he has visited during the year. The BBC’s David... More

This Wednesday: Celebrate the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day!

In the wake of Pope Benedict’s successful visit to the UK and the weekend news that a third Anglican bishop has announced his decision to cross the Tiber, I realize it’s the right time to prepare for the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day, which will take place this Wednesday. Last year, you see, on the day that it was announced that Pope Benedict would create a “perso... More



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