Photos: Pope Meets With Youth (Thursday)

Photos from the Pope’s meeting with youth this evening at Pacaembu soccer stadium in Sao Paulo: AP Photo/Victor Caivano REUTERS/Bruno Domingos (BRAZIL) REUTERS/Sergio Moraes (BRAZIL) REUTERS/Tony Gentile (BRAZIL) REUTERS/Sergio Moraes (BRAZIL) AP Photo/Victor CaivanoREUTERS/Caetano Barreira AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo REUTERS/Caetano Barreira (BRAZIL) ...READ M... More

Day One: Benedict in Brazil

*Day Two Coverage HERE* Pope Benedict begins his sixth apostolic journey today, his first papal trip outside of Europe (excluding Turkey), to the most populous Catholic country in the world, Brazil. Please stay tuned for complete coverage. Today’s papal itinerary (all times EST):4:30 – Arrival at the International Airport of S?lt;/span> Paulo/Guarulhos.Welcome ceremony at the Internati... More

What to expect in Brazil (ongoing post including photos & video)

(this post is an alalgam of content gleaned from the PapaRatzingerForum for those especially interested in learning more about Pope Benedict’s trip to Brazil.) A few highlights of Pope Benedict’s trip to Brazil: Pope Benedict will pray in Portuguese during his visit Mass attendance of up to two million persons Two pope mobiles and three helicopters on-call 3200 journalists will be cov... More

Photos of Day One: Benedict in Brazil

Photos from Day One of Pope Benedict’s apostolic journey to Brazil: Pope Benedict XVI descends from a plane after arriving to the air base in Sao Paulo, Wednesday, May 9, 2007, in his first trip as pontiff to Latin America. REUTERS/Sergio Moraes (BRAZIL) Pope Benedict XVI descends from a plane after arriving to the air base in Sao Paulo, Wednesday, May 9, 2007, in his first trip as pontiff ... More

Benedict's mission, and the MSM's counter-attack

The mainstream media’s tactics represented today by the Washington Post’s foreign service: When Pope Benedict XVI lands here Wednesday for his first visit to Latin America since becoming pontiff, he will set foot in a region considered by many here to be the heart of his church, home to nearly half the world’s Roman Catholics. A clear challenge awaits him: to persuade them to st... More

Preparing for Benedict: Brazil in Pictures (2)

More from the photo feeds in advance of Pope Benedict’s visit, detailing the places he will go in Brazil: Brazilian monks pray at the Sao Bento monastery, in Sao Paulo, Tuesday, May 8, 2007. Sao Bento monastery is the place where Pope Benedict XVI will stay during his visit to Sao Paulo this week. (AP Photo/Dado Galdieri) A man sets up broadcast equipment in front of the Sao Bento Monastery... More

Benedict to Brazil: Tuesday news links

To be updated throughout the day as worthwhile headlines surface (most agencies are recycling old news and reports until the Pope actually sets foot in Brazil – so stay tuned!): CWNews: Pope set for voyage to Brazil AsiaNews: Pope: in Brazil to take on modern world challenges facing Church Update: via AMDG, ChristianityToday: Brazil’s Base Communities Reuters: Brazil’s Lula s... More

VIS on Brazil population statistics

From this morning’s Vatican Information Service: STATISTICS CONCERNING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN BRAZIL Brazil has a population of 184,180 million, of whom 155,628 million (84.5 percent) are Catholic. There are 269 ecclesiastical circumscriptions, 9,504 parishes and 36,729 pastoral centers of other kinds. Currently there are 427 bishops, 18,087 diocesan and regular priests, 2,676 male religio... More



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