Amazing Papist Video: Benoit XVI

I’m thrilled to have found this video after searching a bit on DailyMotion for “papist content.” It features various clips of Pope Benedict’s visit to Germany during World Youth Day ’05 (with a mix of sweeping aerial shots and intimate on-the-ground footage), as well as some other nice clips of him during his Cardinal Ratzinger days. The video also includes a very nic... More

Preparing for Benedict: Brazil in Pictures

From the photo feeds in advance of Pope Benedict’s visit, detailing the places he will go in Brazil: Monks singing Gregorian songs enter the church inside the Sao Bento Monastery in Sao Paulo, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007. Sao Bento Monastery is the place where Pope Benedict XVI will stay during his visit to Sao Paulo next May 9-13. (AP Photo/Andre Penner) People pray near the tomb of Anton... More

Benedict to Brazil: Monday news links

Monday news links of-interest to those following the Pope’s trip to Brazil: New York Times: As Pope Heads to Brazil, a Rival Theology Persists DPA: Pope Benedict XVI to make pro-life speeches in Brazil CWNews: Pope puts Brazil trip under Mary’s protection Reuters: Pope to face shaky Church future in Latin America CNS: Pope asks Catholics to pray for his visit to ‘continent of h... More

What about those miraculous "Galvao pills"?

These tiny pills, made out of rice paper, bear words that read, in Latin, “After birth, the Virgin remained intact. Mother of God, intercede on our behalf” and are associated with numerous miraculous healings as well as the intercession of Friar Galvao. They are the prime devotional example of Friar Galvao’s significant reputation as a healing saint, and for that reason they dese... More

Roundup: Pope Benedict visits Brazil (AmericanPapist coverage)

(This post will be updated throughout Pope Benedict’s visit to Brazil. Please link here for coverage. Update: If you’ve enjoyed the coverage thus far, please consider voting for AmericanPapist in this year’s Blogger’s Choice Awards. Thanks! )Sunday: Fifth and Final Day: Benedict in Brazil Humor: The Papist-Picture-of-the-Day (PPOTD) Photos: Final Day in Photos Saturday: ... More

Benedict to Focus on the Youth of Brazil

Update: Via the Whapsters, Brazilian bishops are trying to bid on hosting WYD in 2011. [More.] “This is my first pastoral visit to Latin America and I am preparing myself spiritually to visit the continent where almost half the Catholics of the whole world, many of them young people, live.” (my emphasis) This statement, along with him pointedly referring to S. America as the “con... More

3 days before: Benedict preparing to visit Brazil and the "continent of hope"

Today at his Regina Caeli address Pope Benedict asked prayers for his journey to Brazil this week. Zenit reports: Benedict XVI says that his trip to Brazil will be an effort to promote the Church’s evangelization so that Latin America will more and more be “the continent of hope.” The Pope said today at his Regina Caeli address: “This is my first pastoral visit to Latin Ame... More

Pope Benedict in Brazil: One Week Away

Updates: Sunday: Benedict preparing to visit the “continent of hope” Media characterization of Benedict’s visit to Brazil predicted Original post: In one week’s time (from May 9th-14th) Pope Benedict will visit the most populous Catholic nation on earth: Brazil. It will be his most distant Apostolic journey by far, as is very evident from this map of the countries he has... More



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