+Burke on the Cardinal he hopes to be

Marching orders from a general in God’s army: What kind of cardinal do you hope to be or will strive to be? Simply one who is 100% with the Holy Father, using whatever gifts God has given me to help the Holy Father, to give him any counsel he asks me. Also in daily activities, simply to be supporting and promoting what he as the bishop of the universal Church wishes and desires. I would ... More

Cardinal-designate Burke on his reputation for outspoken orthodoxy

Vatican Radio has published an insightful short interview with Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke – who will be made a cardinal by Pope Benedict tomorrow in Rome: Cardinal-designate Burke has a reputation for being outspoken about the moral rectitude of the Catholic faithful and the clergy. McClure asked him if he ever feels discouraged because people “aren’t getting the message.&#... More

Abps. Wuerl and Burke make Cardinal!

You know you’re a papist blogger when, having covered Church news at a distance for so long, it takes some time for you to realize that one of the cardinals announced today is actually your cardinal, the archbishop of your city. That was the case for me today upon the announcement that Archbishop of Washington, DC Donald Wuerl is one of the two American archbishops who will be made a cardina... More

Burke's determined approach

Via AMDG: The annual Glennon Sunday collection in parishes to benefit Cardinal Glennon Children�s Medical Center will continue, according to Archbishop Raymond L. Burke…[noting] that the Glennon Sunday collection, to be held the weekend of June 2 and 3, “will go directly to the medical center and not the foundation, as it had in the past.” …the archbishop again reiterate... More

Pro-Choice Missouri Senator disinvited to graduation, blames Abp. Burke

Abp. Burke is at it again … or is he? [The Associated Press:] ST. LOUIS — An invitation to Sen. Claire McCaskill to speak at her daughter’s graduation from a Roman Catholic high school was withdrawn because of her positions on abortion and stem cell research. Students at all-girls St. Joseph’s Academy in the St. Louis suburb of Frontenac wanted to have McCaskill speak at t... More



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