My interview with local press on Abp. Wuerl’s appointment as cardinal

Shaun Courtney of the local Georgetown Patch website conducted a brief interview via email with me this morning on the subject of Archbishop Wuerl’s appointment to cardinal today. A brief excerpt: Pope Benedict XVI announced Wednesday in Rome that 24 bishops will be elevated to cardinal in November. The Archbishop of Washington, Archbishop Wuerl will be called to a consistory on Nov. 20 at ... More

Abps. Wuerl and Burke make Cardinal!

You know you’re a papist blogger when, having covered Church news at a distance for so long, it takes some time for you to realize that one of the cardinals announced today is actually your cardinal, the archbishop of your city. That was the case for me today upon the announcement that Archbishop of Washington, DC Donald Wuerl is one of the two American archbishops who will be made a cardina... More



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