If Embryos were Extraterrestrials, would we call them “life”?

Michael B Dougherty had this profound thought: If a small, multi-cellular organism was in a woman’s womb rather than (outer) space, scientists wouldn’t call it “life”. What’s the backstory? A scientist’s claim to have discovered extraterrestrial, microscopic life: “NASA SCIENTIST FINDS EVIDENCE OF ALIEN LIFE: Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at N... More

University of Kentucky shows itself closed to full scientific inquiry.

I'll bet Galileo, a devout Catholic, would disagreed vehemently with the University of Kentucky's position. Martin Gaskell, Christian, applied for the position of director of the new student observatory at the University of Kentucky. One member of the search committee described him as “breathtakingly above the other applicants.” Yet he didn’t get the job. He has sued, c... More



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