Political Wish List: Ken Cuccinelli for U.S. Attorney General

I know it probably won’t happen, and nobody is even talking about it. But if Romney does win, I’d love to see him pick Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to be U.S. Attorney General. By all accounts, Cuccinelli is putting things in place to be the next governor of Virginia, which would be great for me since I live here, but I’m willing to share him. That’s just the ki... More

Defund the DOMA Deserters

Whether it was part of School House Rock or just a good government/civics class teacher I think we all learned somewhere along the line that our government has three branches. The legislative is empowered to formulate and pass laws. The executive signs acts into law and executes them. The judicial interprets whether the laws are consonant with the Constitution. That’s fairly standard, basic ... More



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