John Kennedy vs. Barack Obama

The Legal Action Fund is representing John Kennedy in a lawsuit against the Obama administration. Here’s what he had to say: Does health care reform mean forcing family businesses run by Christians to pay for drugs and procedures they believe are immoral, including drugs like the “morning after pill,” Plan B, and Ella, a derivative of the abortion drug RU-486? Are life-... More

Abortion-Inducing Drugs vs. Insulin: The Lack of Justice in the HHS Mandate

The following is a guest post by John Kennedy, CEO of Autocam. Kennedy is the business owner that filed suit last week, through our Legal Defense Fund, against Kathleen Sebelius and the Department of Health and Human Services to oppose the HHS Mandate. You can read more about the lawsuit here: Are abortion-inducing drugs or insulin more important? That’s a question I hav... More

Kennedy, Obama, and Religious Freedom

As many of you know, we joined with John Kennedy, the CEO of Autocam, and filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration on Monday. The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the HHS Mandate. Kathryn Lopez, an occasional contributor here at CatholicVote and well known National Review writer, recently interviewed John Kennedy about the suit. It takes a deeper look at exactly why Kennedy is g... More


Autocam & CatholicVote file lawsuit against Dept. HHS to fight mandate

For all media inquiries, please contact Kristina Hernandez, 703-373-0632, or Peter Robbio, 703-683-5004 ext. 116, Autocam Video – “In Good Conscience” : What is the HHS Mandate? When President Obama introduced the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) there was general c... More




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