No, these are not “our kids,” they are their parents’ kids to protect and raise.

During his gun control press conference today President Obama referenced a few young children who were in the room who had written letters to him concerning violence with guns. After reading excerpts from their letters and getting them to wave he said, These are our kids.  This is what they’re thinking about.  And so what we should be thinking about is our responsibility to care for them, and ... More

Hugo Chavez, ¡El Presidente para siempre!… oh wait, I meant Barack Obama.

¡Amigos para siempre! (Means you'll always be my friend.) [Thanks to Don Shaolin in the comments for the assistance with my Spanish.] ——- As predictable as Michelle Bachmann introducing a complete Obamacare repeal, über-liberal representative José Serrano of New York introduced a repeal of the 22nd Amendment, the one that instituted presidential term limits. Now, to be sure, ... More

Obama wins the Catholic vote.

The most pro-abortion person ever to be in the White House; the person who has launched the most significant assault on religious liberty in this country since our founding… won the Catholic vote. That adequately explains why I am entirely and completely unimpressed with the anger of the pastor at a parish who called me, irate that a group of volunteers I organized were putting pro-life leaf... More

The Debt Deal That Should Be Made

Where do we go from here? President Obama is re-elected, but Republicans not only retained control in the House of Representatives, but added to their majority. While the GOP was a train wreck in the Senate and blew opportunities to close the gap or take control, they still have more than enough seats to filibuster controversial legislation (you only need 41), something they didn’t have in the f... More

Skeptics, liberals not skeptical about misogyny. KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

It’s almost as though my friend Emily had read this article by Rebecca Watson in which she chronicles some of the truly awful treatment she has endured within the rationalist/skeptic/atheist community on account of her being a woman. But after a few years of blogging, podcasting, and speaking at skeptics’ conferences, I began to get emails from strangers who detailed their sexual fantasies... More

Not only *can* Catholics vote for Romney, but we *ought* to.

Romney has been endorsed by many pro-life activists and activist organizations. Right off the bat, let it be known that Mitt Romney was my fourth choice among the GOP primary candidates. Check my writing in this space from that time and you’ll see me talking up Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum, with barely a word in support of Romney. Since he won the nomination I’ve written a whole lot ... More

How did Kyle Murphy Clark get past the Praetorian Guard?

<i>FACEPALM/UPDATE (10/29/12 5:35 p.m.): Goodness gracious, where did “Murphy” come from? The reporter’s name is Kyle Clark, not Kyle Murphy. Must not have had enough coffee before posting this on Saturday.</i> ———– Barack Obama hasn’t had an honest-to-goodness press conference with the White House press corps since April. Helen Thomas is... More

The Lies and Deadly Incompetence of President “One-Term Proposition” (Qualifies as “Part IV”)

I’ve done three previous posts on things Obama has done or said that directly contradict things he had promised: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Here are a bunch more. I do not pretend that this is an exhaustive list of the lies, flip-flops, failures, and dangerously incompetent things Barack Obama has done as president, but I do think it’s a good sampling. Let’s get right to it... More

The Actions Of Each Campaign Tells You Obama Is Losing Steam

The respected Gallup poll sent stirrings through the political world this week with a poll showing that Mitt Romney is seven points ahead of Barack Obama in the national vote. If Gallup—the longest-running poll in existence is right—then forget the state-by-state calculations. It means the Republican candidate’s momentum will carry him to a solid win the Electoral College. Whether or not the... More

Mitt Romney suggests an old union trick; liberals dismayed.

Goya's "Saturn Eating His Son"? Or a candid shot of Mitt Romney "firing" a middle class laborer? [Note: I spotted the Atlantic article in my Twitter feed with the note, “Thursday’s Buzz?”. If it is it’ll be as much of a nothingburger as Big Bird and “Binderz!!1!!!1!1!”] Okay, I’ll bite. Fr. Z-style. The Atlantic has a semi-breathles... More



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