Dignity, Strength, and Love Through Suffering: A Sign of Contradiction

Unable to speak, John Paul II blesses us all one final time. I can’t shake the memories of seeing him at his apartment window, unable to speak. He had addressed his beloved flock so many thousands of times from that very window. One of the largest crowds ever had gathered outside, praying for him. But he was unable to utter even a few words of welcome. All he could do was raise an unsteady h... More

Beatify John Paul II? Too Fast! CBS SNAPs to it!

Unwilling to let a good deed go unpunished, CBS News decided that their report on the announcement on the beatification of John Paul II just had to include significant consideration of the sexual abuse scandal. (Try as I may, because of the way CBS enables embedding, I cannot embed the video file. The rest of this post was written as though you’d watched the short report.) In addition to bei... More

JPII to be beatified May 1!

His cause was opened by dispensation before the traditional 5 year waiting period was up. It appears that he, from his seat in heaven, is not wasting any time helping the cause along. From the Vatican Information Service post: Finally, on 11 January 2011 the ordinary session of the cardinals and bishops of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints took place. They expressed their unanimous approv... More

Beato Subito: Blessed John Paul II?

Anyone up for a trip to Rome this fall? Whispers reports that the announcement of the planned beatification of Pope John Paul II  is imminent: Under the headline, “The cardinals OK the miracle, Wojtyla will be beatified,” the most reliable of vaticanisti —Andrea Tornielli of Il Giornale — revealed that the cardinal-members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints ... More



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