What the ‘feeding tube diet’ says about the state of marriage

There’s a lot of talk these days about the “War on Women.” But what about the ‘War on Women’s Bodies”? Or the “War on Women’s Self- Image”? With all the pressure on women to adhere to impossible standards of beauty set by starving, chain-smoking 20 year-old models in New York City, one would think that there would be nothing new under the “diet fad” sun. Well, not so fast. B... More

Steve Jobs, Requiescat in Pacem

Steve Jobs, visionary, has died of cancer. He was 56. Jobs was featured in CV's "Imagine Spot 2" as one of the many adopted persons who had a major impact. Stephen Green has a great short post that enumerates the absolutely remarkable impact this one man had on communications, technology, entertainment, the music industry, and, of course, personal computing. An excerpt: Even most suc... More

Photos: Astounding Subterranean Salt Cathedral in Poland

Think the age of the catacomb churches has come to a close? Think again: Via Kuriositas: Deep underground in Poland lies something remarkable but little known outside Eastern Europe. For centuries, miners have extracted salt there, but left behind things quite startling and unique. Take a look at the most unusual salt mine in the world. From the outside, Wieliczka Salt Mine doesn’t look extr... More

Beauty: Herald of the Divine

A magnificent column over at Patheos crossed my Twitter feed the other day courtesy of Elizabeth Scalia (@TheAnchoress). Magnificent, because just reading the column made my heart swell with the remembrance of beautiful places and sounds. Katrina R. Fernandez wrote of the power and indispensability of beauty for the soul, the heart, the mind. “Beauty makes the soul soar,” she notes, co... More



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