Steubenville Cross-in-the-Logo Fight Continues, May Expand.

The city of Steubenville logo, as adopted in December 2011 “Victory”! The militantly secularist group declared on their website (no, I’m not naming them or linking to them—I will not help with their SEO). They had pressured the city of Steubenville to agree in principle to remove the cross and steeple that represents Franciscan University of Steubenville (my employer) from ... More

Belmont Abbey Girds for Battle, Sues Over Fed. Mandate to Cover Contraception

Mark L. Rienzi in the National Catholic Register with an important update in the war for religious liberty: Early last month, President Obama bragged to a St. Louis crowd about the recent Health and Human Services’ regulations that will require thousands of religious employers to pay for contraception, sterilization and drugs that probably cause abortions. The crowd cheered the president’s... More



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