Conspiracy theories, pop culture and Matthew 7:16

Beyonce If you watched Beyonce’s raunchy, half-naked performance at the Super Bowl, chances are you saw her hold up her hands in the shape of a diamond. Though seemingly harmless, Beyonce’s hand gesture set off a tidal wave of commentary, primarily from conspiracy theorists, who think it was a covert way of showing her allegiance to the Illuminati, a secret society that – in associa... More

“I Heard The Heartbeat”…Beyonce Tells Of Her Lost Child

A week ago today, the pro-life marchers in Washington D.C. made a powerful statement that the cause for the protection of innocent life will always live on. Two days from now, the singer Beyonce will take the halftime stage at the Super Bowl. And the interviews she’s given over the past week have been an even more powerful statement about the humanity of the child in the womb. Beyonce lost a chi... More



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