Should we amend the Bible?

According to CNN’s Piers Morgan, yes, we should. While discussing gay ‘marriage’ during an interview with evangelical Pastor Rick Warren on Christmas Eve, the pseudo-Catholic Morgan exclaimed that even though the Bible was “well intentioned,” it is “basically, inherently flawed. Hence, the need to amend it.” To which Rick Warren replied: “No, not a Chance. What I be... More


The bricks story is even more absurd than that…

Sometimes a facepalm is the best first reaction. I just realized something about the eeeevil Bible bricks story I posted earlier today. I did some quick math (a skill I learned in school in lieu of learning to spot un-nice-ness and how to put on a condom) and realized that the offending bricks would have been “just another brick in the [walkway]” in a literal sense, but also figurativ... More

Knee-jerk Anti-Christianity Harms a School District.

Now this is just silly. A school district in California has decided it is a better idea to reject $45,000 in fundraised money than to allow a few bricks with inoffensive verses from the Bible to be included. At this point I don’t really think it matters if it is true anti-Christianity, or just knee-jerk anti-Christianity, because it’s really just silly. I’m quite certain that the... More



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