Population Control Movement In West Imposes Its Values In Third World

Is a foundation bankrolled by Bill Gates really a logical voice for those in the developing world? The movement of anti-Catholic thinkers and politicians to shove contraception down everyone’s throat got a renewed push this week in Great Britain. The New York Times is thrilled to report that the UK-based Lancet Foundation has published a study saying “unmet contraception demand” is driving ... More

[Important Updates] Obama Admin Decides to Require Religious Institutions to Cover Free Contraception & Sterilization

Liberals are crowing about what they see as a huge victory for them — and they are right — because this victory comes at the expense of religious liberty. Welcome to the Obama 2012 reelection plan: ignore and marginalize people of faith, pander to the far-left’s sexual-political priorities. This via the far-left site ThinkProgress: Today, in a huge victory for women’s health, H... More

The Pill: 50 Years of Screwing Up Nature. We Need the FFPA!

(Click for larger view) The macabre humor here, we now know, is that all three are equally likely to cause cancer. What happens when you introduce a massive amount of chemicals into an intricately balanced biological system, with the express intent of radically screwing up how that delicately designed system works? Well, first and foremost you should expect the EPA to go medieval on you. Except th... More

Action Item: How we can stop Planned Parenthood from getting *even more* taxpayer money

Why does Planned Parenthood love Obamacare? Because they know that, one way or the other, it will in all likelihood turn out to be a huge cash cow for them. For instance, a stacked panel is now about to declare that Planned Parenthood can offer contraceptives for free to the general public. Who picks up the tab? Surprise, surprise – you and me. We can thank Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD, ... More

The Pill: 50 years of causing cancer.

Updated with link. Coulda sworn I included the link to the article in the original post, but apparently not. Sorry ’bout that! –Tom (Click for larger view) The macabre humor here, we now know, is that all three are equally likely to cause cancer. Lifesitenews.com has an article up about a talk given at the “50 Years of the Pill” conference in Washington, D.C. by Dr. Angela... More



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