Bishop Jenky’s Rallying Call: State of Illinois “At War” with Catholic Community Over Same-Sex Adoptions

The recent news that the state of Illinois will terminate its contracts to do adoption and foster care through Catholic Charities should not be taken lying down. This happened as a direct result of the bad same-sex civil unions bill that went into law this June. A law that catholics (and other people) warned would result in, among other things, exactly this — Catholic Charities being forced ... More

In Phoenix, a bishop uses his staff (+4 updates)

Once again, I picked the wrong day to go on vacation. While driving to Michigan to spend Christmas break with family and friends, the announcement was made that Bishop Thomas Olmsted has indeed decided to revoke the Catholic status of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. This is the final fruit of a communications between Bishop Olmsted and representatives of the hospital whi... More

In Detroit, Archbishop Vignernon raises his staff

Detroit papist-blogger Diane has an excellent postup about Archbishop Vigneron’s efforts to defend the faithful of his archdiocese against the efforts of the “American Catholic Council” to confuse local Catholics. A quotation from his pastoral advisory: The Archdiocese of Detroit has been contacted by concerned members of the faithful about a movement called the American Catholi... More

Action: Support Abp. Nienstedt, defended Eucharist against gay protesters

Archbishop John Neinstedt has made a hard choice – the right choice – and I think it’s important we show our support for him: About 25 college students and community members at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minn., were denied communion by Twin Cities Roman Catholic Archbishop John C. Nienstedt because they were displaying rainbow buttons and sashes in protest of the church... More

Burke's determined approach

Via AMDG: The annual Glennon Sunday collection in parishes to benefit Cardinal Glennon Children�s Medical Center will continue, according to Archbishop Raymond L. Burke…[noting] that the Glennon Sunday collection, to be held the weekend of June 2 and 3, “will go directly to the medical center and not the foundation, as it had in the past.” …the archbishop again reiterate... More

Pro-Choice Missouri Senator disinvited to graduation, blames Abp. Burke

Abp. Burke is at it again … or is he? [The Associated Press:] ST. LOUIS — An invitation to Sen. Claire McCaskill to speak at her daughter’s graduation from a Roman Catholic high school was withdrawn because of her positions on abortion and stem cell research. Students at all-girls St. Joseph’s Academy in the St. Louis suburb of Frontenac wanted to have McCaskill speak at t... More



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