Bishop Tobin urges Rhode Island lawmakers to resist redefining marriage

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin is not afraid to speak out on behalf of truth. When President Obama expressed his support for same-sex marriage, Bishop Tobin said that it was a “sad day in American history.” When former Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy made public Bishop Tobin’s private request for him to forego Holy Communion because of his views on abortion, Bishop Tobin relea... More


Bishop Tobin asks if Rhode Island has lost her soul

Gov. Lincoln Chafee Bishop Thomas Tobin continues to be one of the best writers in the Church today. His recent article on the inauguration of Governor Lincoln Chafee is no exception. Chafee was once a pro-abortion Republican, but he left the GOP in 2007. This past November, he was elected Governor of Rhode Island as an Independent. For his inaugural festivities, Chafee broke with tradition and de... More

An invitation to many, from a man with a tender pastoral heart.

I was sad the day I heard Bishop Thomas Tobin was being moved from my native Youngstown. He was the first bishop I ever met. It was shortly after he was made bishop of Youngstown and he visited the small Tridentine chapel I grew up at shortly after it was made a personal parish and the Fraternity of St. Peter was brought in to minister to the faithful. It was the first time a bishop had visited th... More



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