Read Unplanned, the pro-life conversion of a Planned Parenthood director

Last night I cracked open Unplanned, the Abby Johnson story. Abby made headlines in 2009 when, as a former Planned Parenthood abortion director, she left the company after experiencing a pro-life conversion during her participation in an ultrasound-assisted abortion. I blogged about it here. I wasn’t expecting Unplanned to be as good as it is so far. Abby worked with an assisting author to m... More

Recommended for Advent: “Full of Grace”

One of the mysteries we are called to reflect upon in these days of Advent is the divine maternity and Immaculate Conception of Mary, as well as the time she spent carrying Jesus in her womb. One of the ways to do this is to reflect upon artistic representations of Mary, and to read spiritual writers who wrote about her. Judith Dupre does both well in “Full of Grace“, a glossy, coffee... More


AmP book review: Double Standard

Double Standard: Abuse Scandals and the Attack on the Catholic Church is essential reading for anyone who wants to hear the other side of the clergy sexual abuse scandal. The side the media hasn’t told you, and side most of the public doesn’t know. David Pierre, the author, runs and blogs for (a resource I often use when critiquing media bias). His re... More

AmP book review: Be A Man!

While I was at EWTN in Birmingham last week filming an episode of Life on the Rock (air date to be announced), I had the privilege of meeting Fr. Larry Richards. He’s one of the few people I’ve met who truly deserves the description “larger than life” (and no, I’m not talking about waistlines!). Fr. Larry and I made a deal. He had heard about this blog, but had neve... More

Sunday reading: books in the mailbox

Kelli and the kind folks at Doubleday’s Religion division have been sending me plenty of recently released titles to keep my summer reading list full and varied, and I’d like to let you know about some of them (descriptions are taken from the Doubleday Religion page): A highly respected physicist demonstrates that the essential beliefs of Christianity are wholly consistent with the sci... More




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