What Were Thomas Menino’s Real Motives For Attacking Chick-Fil-A?

Thomas Menino had no track record as a radical left-winger until last week. What changed? It’s been over a week now since Boston Mayor Thomas Menino decided that anyone who holds religious or cultural beliefs contrary to the left-wing political establishment can’t serve chicken sandwiches or employ people in the city he serves. The question of Menino (and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel) and his ... More

A Real Democrat From South Boston: Social Traditionalism & Economic Populism

When you associate in socially traditional Catholic circles it’s hard to find anyone who will say anything nice about Massachusetts politics, or more broadly of the Democratic Party that mostly owns national elections in the Bay State. While Massachusetts’ people may elect a Republican to statewide office—as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney proves—it rarely goes ... More



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