Let’s Go Over The Fiscal Cliff

The phrase “fiscal cliff” has rapidly become the most overused cliché in American politics. It’s replaced “double down” which was abused during the campaign. President Obama and Mitt Romney accused each other of doubling down on some sort of allegedly failed policy so frequently that I wondered if each man was revealing a previously suppressed desire to be a blackjack dealer in Las Vega... More

France Tax Hike Lends Perspective To Debate In The U.S.

Leave it to France to put socialist economic policy on full display. The reports are out that French president Francois Holland is seeking a new budget plan that would establish a top marginal income tax rate of 75 percent, meaning after your income hits a certain level—in this case about $1.2 million in American dollars—you can count on paying three out of every four dollars earned to the gov... More



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