Maureen Dowd, Andrew Cuomo, and the Public Death of Catholic Conscience

Woody Allen’s brilliant 1989 film Crimes & Misdemeanors is on my mind a great deal these days as I read the statements made by prominent Catholic liberals about their push for same-sex marriage. The movie is much on my mind because it tells the story of a man who commits a grave crime, but is miraculously spared being caught and punished for it. As the movie concludes, we realize the man... More

With Governor Cuomo Signing Away Marriage, Will the Bishops Act?

I’m going to be short and to the point in this post in order to simply register my opinion. Andrew Cuomo should be denied Communion. That’s the only conclusion I can come to after witnessing his brazen efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, directly ignoring and acting against the public pleas and warnings of the bishops of New York. Andrew Cuomo already is known to be livi... More

On the Cuomo Communion Question, here comes everybody!

To date my father canon lawyer Ed Peters’ comments on Andrew Cuomo and his ineligibility to receive Communion have garnered over 500 headlines: Of course my father didn’t go looking for this conflagration – he just answered an interview request. You can chalk up the avalanche of resulting headlines to a) general public interest in the salacious details of Governor Cuomo’s... More

The (dis)courtesy of the New York Times

Stewart Cairns/Associated Press On Monday my father canon lawyer Ed Peters was interviewed by Michael Chapman of Cybercast News on the eligibility of New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo to receive Communion. Yesterday Thomas Kaplan of the New York Times picked up the story but, inexplicably, wrote “Dr. Peters declined a request for an interview” in the story. Here’s my father̵... More


Church Law says Permanent Deacons (and all clerics) are obliged to abstain from sex, notes Canonist Edward Peters {updated}

[To keep things simple I am keeping this topic limited to this one post which will be updated often – please scroll down for the latest updates – the most recent one took place Wednesday, Jan 19, 11AM ET] I have been struggling to decide the appropriate way to help bring this issue before the Church’s attention. Canon Lawyer Ed Peters This little point, illustrated my father Cano... More

Vatican's clarification re: Pope's comments on excommunication, abortion, etc.

The Associated Press has a follow-up (underlining mine): Pope Benedict XVI denounced Mexico City politicians Wednesday for voting to legalize abortion, saying they should no longer receive Communion. Flying to Latin America, Benedict was asked about comments by Mexico City church officials that the lawmakers would be excommunicated for having voted last month for the legislation legalizing abort... More

How to solve a problem like Mahony

What can and can’t be done, explained over at In Light of the Law: I know nothing about UCLA law professor Stephen Bainbridge beyond what I saw on a very impressive (for a civil lawyer) resume posted on his website, but his recent post on the chronic problems in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in which he specifically calls for Cdl. Mahony’s resignation is getting attention. Knowing, mo... More

God Squad meets Code Squad

“The God squad” gets the Light of the Law treatment: “I don’t have the time or expertise to monitor every religious Q&A; column in America, and so I tend to comment on them only when they raise interesting questions ? or when they convey disturbing answers, such as one just posted by a group called “The God Squad” that deals with reception of the Eucahrist... More



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