Paging Cardinal Mahony: Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Keith Cardinal O’Brien, archbishop since 1985 of Edinburg and St. Andrews, Scotland, had his resignation accepted by Pope Benedict XVI effective yesterday, weeks before his 75th birthday. What’s more, O’Brien has recused himself from the upcoming conclave. It appears that credible accusations have been made against O’Brien concerning inappropriate advances toward seminarian... More

Benedict is leaving in God’s time. So who’s it gonna be? Prolly not Mahony, but outside that?

A quick note on Benedict’s departure: His departure is sad, but I am over the sadness and happy for him. If Peter Seewald’s report is true… ‘[Pope Benedict XVI’s] hearing had gone down, he was blind in the left eye, his body had grown thinner,’ Seewald wrote in German magazine Focus and Italian Corriere della Sera.” …then I do not begrudge him reti... More



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