New Proofs for God’s Existence

This week The Gregorian went to press with a challenging but necessary lecture by Father Robert Spitzer, S.J. Argumentative atheism is experiencing a resurgence. And Father Robert Spitzer is one reason why that is not necessarily a bad thing. We have experienced at least three different forms of atheist resurgence in the past century. One was the literally militant atheism that reached its peak in... More

Schonborn Sighting! (May 2nd)

CWNews: Cardinal Christoph Sch?rn of Vienna has led a pilgrimage for Austrian children and their parents to the national Marian shrine in Mariazell. The pilgrims prayed for peace and the spiritual strengthening of families, as well as single mothers. This year the Mariazell shrine marks its 850th anniversary. Pope Benedict will travel to Austria in September to join in the observance. Ignatiu... More

Schonborn Sighting!

From this morning’s VIS: “The Holy Father yesterday received in audience Cardinal Christoph Schonborn O.P., archbishop of Vienna, Austria.” Tom Heneghan, religion editor for Reuters, recently published this article reexamining the status of Benedict and Schonborn on the evolution debate. The article says Cardinal Schonborn just published a book on the topic of evolution. I beli... More

A little dose of Cardinal Schonborn (Schoenborn)

This time he’s talking about the 2005 Dover decision. Meanwhile, Gerard has a good post of the ongoing Austrian abortion clinic debacle. I hope that the Schonborn Site gets a good updating soon… I have a feeling it will. Update: And if you want some video of Cardinal Schonborn … here ya go: “The video archives at the Vatican website seem to have been updated, a video strea... More



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